SPIF 11 Cleaning Fluid 3.8L

  • Model: SPIF 11 Cleaning Fluid 3.8L
  • Manufactured by: Alba Chem


SPIF 11 cleaning fluid 3.8L

S.P.I.F. II is a unique cured ink remover which does not contain any methylene chloride, perchloroethylene or any other chemical requiring a cancer warning. It completely removes all cured ink marks from all types of textiles. Unlike regular S.P.I.F. and other methylene chloride based products, S.P.I.F. II has a high T.L.V. and is not subject to methylene chloride exposure monitoring standards and medical surveillance requirements. S.P.I.F II does not contain any ketones (like acetone or methyl ethyl ketone) and is not considered a flammable liquid.

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