HT3200UV HR8

  • Model: HT3200UV HR8
  • Manufactured by: HanTop

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Product Description 

Handtop HT3200UV HR8 is a type of hi-speed and hi-precision UV hybrid printer specially designed for small and medium-sized processing enterprises to meet their multi-functional requirements. Equipped with 4-8 Ricoh GEN5 grey-scale piezoelectric print heads, the HT3200UV HR8 printer can print in hi-speed as well as hi-precision in 4-8 colors 1200*1200 DPI. The draft print speed up to 60㎡/h. which balanced the needs of speed and the output quality. In addition, the optional white ink mode and varnish mode also light up the multi-function of HT3200UV HR8.

Ultra Precision

4-8 Ricoh GEN5 grey-scale piezoelectric print heads, multi-drop size, min 7pl, max 21pl, photo-grade accuracy, capacity of print 2pt characters clearly, maximum DPI 1200*1200, using precision harmonic reducer to drive the belt, ensure the motion stability of the media and the fixed linear raster used to guide the carriage, guaranteed the hi-precision printing.

Retractable Alignment bar: Retractable Alignment bar allows for accurate consistent media placement.

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